Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Elections

Anyone that believes the political parties on either side of the aisle are or will be doing the American electorate any favors has already been fooled. Over the last century the senators and representatives elected by the people have become no more than whores of the big corporations, and the banking cartel. They have allowed these groups to sidestep the laws governing monopolies, and price fixing to such an extent that the American citizen has become nothing more than a powerless pawn. If anyone believes that whoever is elected in November will make a difference, they need to have their head examined. The truth is that it has gotten so bad that these power brokers and controlling cartels have become so brazen that they don’t even try to hide their actions, and instead smack the American citizen in the face with it without reserve.

Most all of the largest donating groups to the American political elections are on the fence, meaning that they donate money to both parties. See listing of those donors. For them, it is a win-win situation, because they know, no matter who comes into power that they have already got their favors paid for.

If there is ever to be any hope for the American electorate to take control of the reins of government, and get men and women elected that really care about the American citizenry, then the first step will have to be to take big money out of the election process. As long as the power brokers, big corporations, and banking cartels are allowed to have the unfettered ability to buy, and pay for elections then that can never happen. It would seem that anyone with any common sense would surely wonder why candidates running for office would be allowed to spend millions of dollars on offices that have salary of no more than a few hundred thousand a year. Surely anyone who has half-a-brain left after all of the fluoride damage must be able to see that the only reason for such spending must be less than honorable intent.

We as the citizens of this country must rise up and demand that controls be put on election spending, and the power brokering that is allowed to go on in Washington, and the State capitals across America. We must also cease to allow of our leaders to go from the floor of the capitals to the corporate headquarters, and the boardrooms. Because by letting that happen we are allowing our leaders to be influenced, not only by the money they receive from the election process, but also from the positions they will be able to attain once they are no longer in office.

As long as the American citizenry, and the American electorate allow this funneling of power from the conglomerations that control business and banking, not only in America, but around the world, to control the elections that we hold in America, then we the America citizen will always be the losers.

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Agha H Amin said...

brilliant summing up sir