Monday, May 12, 2008

The Reality of It All

We as a nation have lost sight of the realities. What was, what was suppose to be, and what is, are not the same. We are fighting wars in places we have no place being, and giving billions of dollars in aid to countries that are becoming rich, while our country becomes poor.

We have lost sight of what America was supposed to be. We can't heal the world, while our own country lays dying in sickness and poverty, nor should we be expected to. At the same time, we shouldn't be trying to influence the whole world with our political and religious beliefs.

I quit the church because they kept wanting money for the "missions, and building fund," while they were letting people in our own community who were disabled and down on their luck suffer. My grandmother always said, "Clean up your own backyard, before you start trying to clean up others," and I am a firm believer in that.

As an American citizen, and a Vietnam veteran I am ashamed at what our country has become over the last century. All of this talk about a world economy, and the New World Order is going to be our down fall. We have allowed the left wing-liberals, and the right-wing fascist, to take over our government. Americans puts more money in other countries through government aid, and "Sunday School donations," than can be imagined, while the suffering in our own cities and villages never ends. We have allowed foreign powers, and illegal immigrants to come into our country and steal our very soul, and break our own economy. All of this as part of our desire to dominate the world through politics and religion, Sure I sympathize with the plight of people in other countries, but I believe that we have an obligation and a responsibility to take care of our own citizen first and foremost.

We have become a country that is on the one hand afraid of our own shadow; i.e the "war on terror," and on the other, a fascist regime set on an attempt at world domination. In the process we are becoming a third world country, and a welfare state.

We have allowed what were once American driven companies to become world power conglomerations, who have take good jobs, that were once America's life's force, and allowed them to be sent overseas with no penalty, and at the expense of the American citizenry. We have allowed them in their greed to form monopolies and conglomerations that that make a few men and women wealthy beyond reason in the name of capitalism, and in the process we have become no better off than our forefathers who were ruled by feudalism, where a few rich elite held sway over the masses. We have allowed our leaders to send our children and grandchildren into foreign lands to fight, and for some to die while others become hopelessly maimed, not for prevailing threats against our life, liberty, or happiness, but for the enrichment of greedy millionaires, billionaires, and the multinational conglomerations they own. We have invaded sovereign nations, influenced elections, and overthrown freely elected governments at the expense of millions of lives, all perpetrated by lies and deceit, for the benefit of nothing but greedy capitalist who desire to control the world and make peasants of all of us, while they become rich and maintain powers no man deserves.

Are there solutions to these problems? Yes, there are, but it's going to take a whole new revolution and mindset to ever do it. Why is it so unreasonable to believe that there should not be limits on the amount of wealth that any one individual or family should be allowed to accumulate? Why is it unreasonable to believe that companies and corporations should be limited on the amount of holding they can have? I am not advocating that the government should own and control everything as in communism, instead I believe that there should be equal and fair limitations set to insure that there is a fair and equal distribution of wealth in this country. I mean how many homes and cars can and do one family use and deserve? Why should one family be allowed to own ten homes across the world, while another American can't even afford to own one?

I am afraid that our forefathers and we have been sold a "pig-in-the-poke." Even our constitution was set-up and written by wealthy men, who were not willing to part with the wealth that they had accumulated at the expense of slaves, poor tradesman, and theft from the Native Americans. Many may be surprised to know that at the end of the Revolutionary War, George Washington was the richest man in America, and that men like John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all millionaires by todays standards. When they wrote all about freedom and liberty, it was about their freedom and liberty. Freedom and justice for all was a blatant lie. They never freed the slaves, they never gave the poor who didn't own property, and had fought alongside them in the war the right to vote, they never gave women equal rights, and they never made the Native Americans equal partners in the new venture we now call the United States of America. Only George Washington in later years was willing to free his slaves. They didn't, because they knew if they did, that they would have to relinquish part of the power and wealth that they had accumulated by their crooked dealings and at the expense of everyone they had trampled on, stole from and held in slavery.

My friends and fellow Americans you have been sold a cheap facsimile, of what could have been a great nation, and received no more than a "pig-in-the-poke" in return. Everyone owes it to their children, and their coming generations to educate themselves to what really is, and what really has been in this country, and what lies have been told, and realize what fools we have been made out to be. We as Americans owe it to ourselves and our generations to stand, and fight by whatever means are necessary to insure that what has happened is no longer allowed to continue. We must put it all on the line, and realize that in order for our country to be ever be truly great, all men and women must be able to live in a country, devoid of petty prejudice's, with respect and dignity and a true possibility to live in prosperity and freedom unabated with the shackles that now bind us. Then and only then can we rest assured that our children and their generations will have a future that is filled with hope and justice for all.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Elections

Anyone that believes the political parties on either side of the aisle are or will be doing the American electorate any favors has already been fooled. Over the last century the senators and representatives elected by the people have become no more than whores of the big corporations, and the banking cartel. They have allowed these groups to sidestep the laws governing monopolies, and price fixing to such an extent that the American citizen has become nothing more than a powerless pawn. If anyone believes that whoever is elected in November will make a difference, they need to have their head examined. The truth is that it has gotten so bad that these power brokers and controlling cartels have become so brazen that they don’t even try to hide their actions, and instead smack the American citizen in the face with it without reserve.

Most all of the largest donating groups to the American political elections are on the fence, meaning that they donate money to both parties. See listing of those donors. For them, it is a win-win situation, because they know, no matter who comes into power that they have already got their favors paid for.

If there is ever to be any hope for the American electorate to take control of the reins of government, and get men and women elected that really care about the American citizenry, then the first step will have to be to take big money out of the election process. As long as the power brokers, big corporations, and banking cartels are allowed to have the unfettered ability to buy, and pay for elections then that can never happen. It would seem that anyone with any common sense would surely wonder why candidates running for office would be allowed to spend millions of dollars on offices that have salary of no more than a few hundred thousand a year. Surely anyone who has half-a-brain left after all of the fluoride damage must be able to see that the only reason for such spending must be less than honorable intent.

We as the citizens of this country must rise up and demand that controls be put on election spending, and the power brokering that is allowed to go on in Washington, and the State capitals across America. We must also cease to allow of our leaders to go from the floor of the capitals to the corporate headquarters, and the boardrooms. Because by letting that happen we are allowing our leaders to be influenced, not only by the money they receive from the election process, but also from the positions they will be able to attain once they are no longer in office.

As long as the American citizenry, and the American electorate allow this funneling of power from the conglomerations that control business and banking, not only in America, but around the world, to control the elections that we hold in America, then we the America citizen will always be the losers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to The Manumitter Papers.

I know that many of you are concerned about things that happening here in the United States, and what the future will bring. Everyday we are bombarded by more and more news that seemingly makes no sense, and details of agendas that seem to have ever interest but the common citizens. We are told lie after lie, and we are expected to believe them as if they are the gospel. Our leaders in both political parties are making promises, that they cannot keep, and offering up solutions to the problems that we face without any real substance. We are faced with rising prices and the claim that shortages and other factors are the reason for these rising prices. People are losing their homes, their jobs, and their life savings, while our government stands idly by and lets it happen with no plan of action, and yet billions of dollars of the our tax dollars are being doled out to the large corporations like it was water. Our leaders have decieved many into believing that we are in danger of attacks from "terrorist" and other dissatisfied groups, and that we must give up our rights in order for us to be safe. These same leaders have lied to us about the intentions of other countries, and chosen to wage wars without end. Thousands of our young men in women are dying and being maimed for life because of these wars, and there is no hint of peace or compromise. These same men and women upon their return home are given little or no treatment, and any treatment that they do recieve is given only after struggles that they should never have to experience.

It is the intent of the Manumitter Papers to give you a better understanding of the facts behind these issues, to inform you of what the corporate media will not tell you, and expose you to the truth that our leaders, and their minions will not. I hope that you will find these writings both entertaining and informative. From time to time, I will include writngs that I have wrote over the past forty years, writngs of poetry, essays, and fiction. I hope that you will drop by often to read my post, and share them with your friends and family. Please feel free to leave your comments, and ask any questions that you may have.

Thanks in advance your friend, and fellow patriot.